The Feather Down Farm tent...

... is incredibly spacious and comfortable. The interior is a reminder of the honest country-life of times gone by.

The Feather Down tent is equipped for up to 6 people (maximum 5 adults and 1 child up to 12 years). You will find: glasses, cups, mugs, plates, cutlery, kitchen knives, chopping-boards, scissors, a coffee grinder, pans, cooking and baking equipment and serving spoons. You do not have to take anything from home - it's all there.

Your sleeping quarters are:

Rise and shine

Jumping out of bed to fire up the stove; unzipping and rolling up the front of the tent to let the view in; laying the table for your family feast; collecting eggs from the Chicken Coop; a trip to the Farm Larder for bacon and milk… No gears to get into, no buses to catch, no school gate to be at. The day’s start is simply about the gathering, the cooking and the eating of breakfast, together.

Running hot water can be found in the showers, not far from your tent, convenient for you and your family. Click below to view a video tour of a tent located on one of the European farms. Note that that the US tents are identical with the exception of the toilet inside.

Using the stove

The stove and the pipe can get very hot... so be careful. Immediately after lighting, it is already possible to start cooking but to really cook well you have to wait a little while. During cooking, the stove must be topped up regularly. There is no way to adjust the temperature on the stove. The cooking temperature can be regulated through the location of the pan on the cooking ring. The middle of the cooking ring is piping hot and at the sides you get a ‘simmer temperature’. If something does not need to cook too rapidly, you don't turn up knobs but simply slide the pan a little more to one side.

Night falls, the stars come out

Whatever the season, when the day draws to a close and the candles are lit, a warm, fireside feeling fills our tents. The stove is stoked, and its soft radiance creates long shadows and a cosy glow.

At home, switching off at the day’s end isn’t easy. But with us the long evenings are spent lingering over supper, having good conversation, gathering together to play games, or relaxing with a book. Without the distractions of recordable TV and late night emails, Go to our farm