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Are you interested in agritourism and diversified income backed by the biggest name in farm stays?

Joining us is a unique chance to offer something special and earn extra income if you wish to diversify your farm and offer a new level of agritourism in your region:

Join 30 other farms and a 10-year+ track record

The opportunity may be right for you if you:

  • Are a farmer of a working farm who loves his/her job
  • Are interested in supporting the main business with an additional source of revenue
  • Want to share your knowledge of farming, having families for short stays on your property
  • Are located in the Northeastern US within driving distance of a populous city

Do not hesitate to contact us

As a farmer, Featherdown could be the ideal occasion for you to diversify your activities while bringing out the best in your job!

Do not hesitate to contact us at connect@featherdown.com (or call us on 802-392-3276). We would like to understand your vision and the story behind your farm, the activities you practice and to receive any photos you can share. In short, we would like to know what makes your farm unique and why you’re interested in launching a farm stay business with Feather Down.

If you are a farmer and have a working (livestock or mixed) farm in a rural location and enjoy sharing your knowledge of the farm with other people, then joining Feather Down could give you an excellent opportunity for diversification, which blends in well with your current farm activities. We are especially interested in farms within 2-3 hours driving distance of cities, as the guests tend to be families with children, looking to learn about farming and stepping away from the electronic, busy city life and back to the roots of farm-life.

Feather Down across the United States

If you are situated in the Northeast US and are interested, be sure to get in touch. And not only farms in the Northeast can apply. We will be expanding beyond the Northeast in the years ahead and would like to hear from you as we consider our future locations. Please do not hesitate to get in touch at connect@featherdown.com (or call us on 802-392-3276).

Why Feather Down is unique

  • The Feather Down Farms are unique in what they offer - a seasonal and immersive stay at a working farm. Our target audience is primarily young families from city areas, interested in reconnecting with nature and passing on their values of sustainable life to their kids.
    • The Feather Down Farms are known for high quality, small-scale recreational value on active working farms. The Feather Down Farms are not large bio industrial farms and preferably have mixed operations, both arable and livestock.
  • Specific farms are chosen in strategic areas to make the Feather Down Farms product as interesting as possible per location.
  • Feather Down Farms take their guests back to the olden days, back to basics and to the things that matter in life. We offer guests a taste of the honest farm life, with the added luxury of comfortable beds, a flushing toilet, and running water.  This unique combination of authenticity and comfort will be found at every Feather Down Farm. That is why most of the Feather Down Tents are located on historical working farms with a unique local character, with farming being its main businesss.

To be considered for Feather Down, you must have at least one acre of ground available to place the Feather Down Tents on, which will then blend into the background as much as possible.  There are a few things that need to be arranged, including infrastructure for the water and septic, planning permission and land preparation. Feather Down can assist with this but we do expect a level of work or investment to be carried out on each farm’s part to make the location ready for business.

If what you have read sounds appealing to you, then please email us with a short introduction to your farm and its location at connect@featherdown.com.