Hoeve Waterschap

Hoeve Waterschap

Friesland, Echtenerbrug, 8539 RN

This classic stolp (is Dutch for bell jar) is owned by us the Diever family:  Gert, Christa and our children Sanne, Femke and Jente. The stolp lies in the heart of the Echtenerveenpolder in an area of outstanding natural beauty called the Veen-weidegebieden. This used to be a peat-cutting district and consequently the landscape is criss-crossed with waterways, ditches and lakes.

Our farm was built by the once important 'Dutch Waterways' as a co-operative farm for all the cattle and sheep that graze amongst the surrounding dykes. There is plenty of water nearby to enjoy. 150 yards away you will find the waterway "Pier Christiaanvaart" which is connected with the beautiful friesian lakes.

A meadow separates the waterway from the farm, so adventurous children can still play safely. At our farm you will find a petting area, sheep, rabbits, chickens and goats roam freely in the enclosure. We have 3 goats which were bottle fed and are very friendly and love to be taken for a walk. Our active dairy farm has nearly 100 cows in the summer, grazing in the surrounding meadows and it is also offers the opportunity to help a hand on the farm. But if you fancy a relaxing afternoon in the hot tub, a swim in the canal or the luxury of a fresh breakfast in your tent, this is all possible too.

We are Gert and Crista, together with our children Sanne, Femke and Jente we live as 3rd generation on this magnificent farmhouse dating from the year 1850. We hope to see you soon on our adventurous Farm!

See you soon!

Gert, Crista Diever and Sanne, Femke and Jente

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October 2016

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Mon 03 OctWed 05 OctShort midweek€199.00€299.00€399.00
Mon 03 OctThu 06 OctShort midweek€245.00€335.00€445.00
Mon 03 OctFri 07 OctMidweek€285.00€369.00€475.00
Mon 03 OctMon 10 OctWeek€485.00€699.00€845.00
Tue 04 OctThu 06 OctShort midweek€199.00€299.00€399.00
Tue 04 OctFri 07 OctShort midweek€245.00€335.00€445.00
Wed 05 OctFri 07 OctShort midweek€199.00€299.00€399.00
Fri 07 OctSun 09 OctShort weekend€249.00€349.00€399.00
Fri 07 OctMon 10 OctWeekend€295.00€395.00€495.00
Fri 07 OctFri 14 OctWeek€485.00€699.00€845.00
Mon 10 OctWed 12 OctShort midweek€199.00€299.00€399.00
Mon 10 OctThu 13 OctShort midweek€245.00€335.00€445.00
Mon 10 OctFri 14 OctMidweek€285.00€369.00€475.00
Mon 10 OctMon 17 OctWeek€485.00€699.00occupied
Tue 11 OctThu 13 OctShort midweek€199.00€299.00€399.00
Tue 11 OctFri 14 OctShort midweek€245.00€335.00€445.00
Wed 12 OctFri 14 OctShort midweek€199.00€299.00€399.00
Fri 14 OctMon 17 OctWeekend€335.00occupiedoccupied
Fri 14 OctFri 21 OctWeek€595.00occupiedoccupied
Mon 17 OctFri 21 OctMidweek€365.00occupiedoccupied
Mon 17 OctMon 24 OctWeek€595.00occupiedoccupied
Fri 21 OctMon 24 OctWeekend€335.00€455.00€545.00
Fri 21 OctFri 28 OctWeek€595.00€749.00€905.00
Mon 24 OctFri 28 OctMidweek€365.00€475.00€595.00
Mon 24 OctMon 31 OctWeek€595.00€749.00€905.00
Fri 28 OctMon 31 OctWeekend€199.00€299.00€369.00


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