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Featherdown Tent for
6 persons (5 adults) from
01-09-2014 to 05-09-2014

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Prices and availability
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Prices and Availability

Hoeve Waterschap

Friesland, Echtenerbrug

This classic stolp (is Dutch for bell jar) is owned by us the Diever family:  Gert, Christa and our children Sanne, Femke and Jente. The stolp lies in the heart of the Echtenerveenpolder in an area of outstanding natural beauty called the Veen-weidegebieden. This used to be a peat-cutting district and consequently the landscape is criss-crossed with waterways, ditches and lakes.

Our farm was built by the once important 'Dutch Waterways' as a co-operative farm for all the cattle and sheep that graze amongst the surrounding dykes. There is plenty of water nearby to enjoy. 150 yards away you will find the waterway "Pier Christiaanvaart" which is connected with the beautiful friesian lakes.

A meadow separates the waterway from the farm, so adventurous children can still play safely. At our farm you will find a petting area, sheep, rabbits, chickens and goats roam freely in the enclosure. We have 3 goats which were bottle fed and are very friendly and love to be taken for a walk. Our active dairy farm has nearly 100 cows in the summer, grazing in the surrounding meadows and it is also offers the opportunity to help a hand on the farm. But if you fancy a relaxing afternoon in the hot tub, a swim in the canal or the luxury of a fresh breakfast in your tent, this is all possible too.

We are Gert and Crista, together with our children Sanne, Femke and Jente we live as 3rd generation on this magnificent farmhouse dating from the year 1850. We hope to see you soon on our adventurous Farm!

See you soon!

Gert, Crista Diever and Sanne, Femke and Jente

The Frills tent is the same as the normal Feather Down tent but with a lot more luxury.

Life is short, so why not spoil yourself once in a while. To start off with, you will arrive to find your beds made up and a welcome surprise awaiting you. You will enjoy the best views whilst sitting in your own private hot tub (not in Germany and France).  Everyone will receive a towel package and the beds will be made up for you on arrival. Talking of a good way to start you Feather down stay!

Exclusive in, at or next to the Frills tent are your own private hot tub and outdoor shower. A hammock for two and large sofa inside the tent (2 metres wide). A canopy above the veranda. Free towel packs (one large and small towel) for everyone and a special welcome surprise. 

* The Frills Tent in Germany and France are a bit different because thye do not offer the Hot Tub.


  • Towels
  • Cold running water
  • Welcome Surprise
  • Starter Pack Candles
  • Starter Pack Lamp Oil
  • Kitchen Linen Package
  • Reservation Costs
  • Beds made up
  • Wood for heating and cooking
  • Parking

Prices and Availability

The Feather Down Tent is an impressive 45m2 in size. Which means that 6 people can sleep in it comfortably (a maximum of 5 adults and one child up to 12 years).

In the tent, there is;

  • A double bed of 2.0 by 1.80 metres
  • A bunk bed of 2.00 by 0.90 metres per bed
  • A cupboard bed of 2.00 by 1.30 metres, suitable for 1 adult or 2 children.

In the tent you will not find any gas or electricity, no modern conveniences. So it is back to the good old days. In the tent you will be able to cook on your wood burning stove, or if the weather permits, you can cook outside....on the outdoor cooker. You won’t need to bring anything from home, everything is inside the tent: from plates to pots, pans to serving spoons. Bedlinen and pillows are included as well as a kitchen linen pack (tea towel and kitchen cloth).


  • Starter Pack Candles
  • Kitchen Linen Package
  • Reservation Costs
  • Bedlinen
  • Wood for heating and cooking
  • Parking
  • Starter Pack Lamp Oil
  • Cold running water

Prices and Availability

Added Treats

Here you will find some unique Feather Down extra's to book in advance. Please note there are date restrictions on bringing a dog to some locations and hampers or meals will differ per location. Please check these details when booking.

  • Private rabbit
    What is more fun than hiring your private rabbit for the duration of your stay.

    Private rabbit
  • Farmers Soup or Stew
    To experience true al fresco dining – and cooking! – opt to take delivery of everything required to prepare and cook from scratch, an extremely hearty soup or stew for four to six people.

    Farmers Soup or Stew
  • Horses and ponies
    This location offers you the chance to interact with horses or ponies.

    Horses and ponies
  • Campfire

  • Breakfast Pack
    You will receive a selection of home grown or locally produced products perfect for a family breakfast.

    Breakfast Pack
  • A Premier arrival for all guests
    If all you need on arrival is a cosy, made-up bed ready to collapse into, then Ready Beddy is for you.

    A Premier arrival for all guests
  • Bicycle Hire
    Explore the farm and its surrounding area; the farmer can advise on trails of varying degrees of difficulty.

    Bicycle Hire
  • Dogs Allowed
    Dogs are welcome at the farm (max 2 per tent)

    Dogs Allowed
  • Hot tub
    This farm offers the Frills package* or you can hire Hot Tubs on a half daily basis.

    Hot tub
  • Communal Chicken Coop
    All farms will have a communal chicken coop where you can go and gather eggs.

    Communal Chicken Coop
  • Childrens Furniture
    We have cots, highchairs and fireguards available at each Feather Down Farm.

    Childrens Furniture
  • The Farm Larder/Honesty Shop
    All our Farms have a 'Farm Larder' or 'Honesty Shop' where you will find a basic range of products for your stay.

    The Farm Larder/Honesty Shop
  • The Animal Paddock
    Not far from the Feather Down Farm tents you should find a paddock reserved for smaller animals where children can see them up close and maybe even feed or pet them.

    The Animal Paddock
  • Wood-Fired Oven
    The wood fired oven will be lit once during your stay and you will be able to cook anything from pizza and jacket potatoes to whole roasts.

    Wood-Fired Oven
  • summer activities
    Be surrounded by water during the summer holidays

    summer activities
  • Groups
    Having a get together/group gathering? this farm is very suitable for (large) groups

  • Pancakes
    real Dutch pancakes, just like they used to make them in the olden days, easy to bake.

  • Near Water
    These farms have their own lake or are located near a beach or lake for lots of water play!

    Near Water

Prices and Availability

here you will find all available dates and the prices. Our set arrival and departure days are Fridays and Mondays.

August Stay from until Frills TentFeatherdown Tent
WeekendFri 22 Aug 2014Sun 24 Aug 2014occupied€275.00
WeekendFri 22 Aug 2014Mon 25 Aug 2014occupied€369.00
WeekFri 22 Aug 2014Fri 29 Aug 2014occupied€799.00
MidweekMon 25 Aug 2014Fri 29 Aug 2014occupied€459.00
WeekMon 25 Aug 2014Mon 01 Sep 2014occupied€599.00
WeekendFri 29 Aug 2014Sun 31 Aug 2014occupied€275.00
WeekendFri 29 Aug 2014Mon 01 Sep 2014€499.00€299.00
WeekFri 29 Aug 2014Fri 05 Sep 2014occupied€549.00
September Stay from until Frills TentFeatherdown Tent
MidweekMon 01 Sep 2014Fri 05 Sep 2014occupied€269.00
WeekMon 01 Sep 2014Mon 08 Sep 2014occupied€549.00
WeekendFri 05 Sep 2014Sun 07 Sep 2014€459.00€275.00
WeekendFri 05 Sep 2014Mon 08 Sep 2014€479.00€299.00
WeekFri 05 Sep 2014Fri 12 Sep 2014€749.00€549.00
MidweekMon 08 Sep 2014Fri 12 Sep 2014€449.00€269.00
WeekMon 08 Sep 2014Mon 15 Sep 2014€749.00€549.00
WeekendFri 12 Sep 2014Sun 14 Sep 2014occupied€275.00
WeekendFri 12 Sep 2014Mon 15 Sep 2014€479.00€299.00
WeekFri 12 Sep 2014Fri 19 Sep 2014€759.00€549.00
MidweekMon 15 Sep 2014Fri 19 Sep 2014€449.00€269.00
WeekMon 15 Sep 2014Mon 22 Sep 2014€759.00€549.00
WeekendFri 19 Sep 2014Sun 21 Sep 2014€459.00€275.00
WeekendFri 19 Sep 2014Mon 22 Sep 2014€479.00€299.00
WeekFri 19 Sep 2014Fri 26 Sep 2014€759.00€549.00
MidweekMon 22 Sep 2014Fri 26 Sep 2014€449.00€269.00
WeekMon 22 Sep 2014Mon 29 Sep 2014€759.00€549.00
WeekendFri 26 Sep 2014Sun 28 Sep 2014€459.00€275.00
WeekendFri 26 Sep 2014Mon 29 Sep 2014€479.00€299.00
WeekFri 26 Sep 2014Fri 03 Oct 2014€749.00€549.00
MidweekMon 29 Sep 2014Fri 03 Oct 2014€449.00€269.00
WeekMon 29 Sep 2014Mon 06 Oct 2014€749.00€549.00
October Stay from until Frills TentFeatherdown Tent
WeekendFri 03 Oct 2014Mon 06 Oct 2014€479.00€299.00
WeekFri 03 Oct 2014Fri 10 Oct 2014€759.00€549.00
MidweekMon 06 Oct 2014Fri 10 Oct 2014€449.00€269.00
WeekMon 06 Oct 2014Mon 13 Oct 2014€749.00€549.00
WeekendFri 10 Oct 2014Mon 13 Oct 2014€519.00€369.00
WeekFri 10 Oct 2014Fri 17 Oct 2014€849.00€699.00
MidweekMon 13 Oct 2014Fri 17 Oct 2014€549.00€399.00
WeekMon 13 Oct 2014Mon 20 Oct 2014€849.00€699.00
WeekendFri 17 Oct 2014Mon 20 Oct 2014€519.00€369.00
WeekFri 17 Oct 2014Fri 24 Oct 2014€849.00€699.00
MidweekMon 20 Oct 2014Fri 24 Oct 2014€549.00€399.00
WeekendFri 24 Oct 2014Mon 27 Oct 2014€459.00€329.00


Based on 193 Customer reviews

Here you can read the customers reviews of the location. The score is based on the answers customers gave to the question: what is your overall valuation of your stay at this location?

Read all the customer's reviews here

  • 7.5
    stayed from 11-08-2014 to 18-08-2014

    Dhr. Oussoren

    We hebben een heerlijke vakantie gehad op Hoeve Waterschap! Gert en Christa doen erg hun best om het de gasten naar de zin te maken. We mochten de kalfjes de fles geven, koeien uit de wei halen, paard rijden op Montana en we hebben pizza's gemaakt die Gert afgebakken heeft in de oven. We kijken terug op een heerlijke vakantie!

  • 7.5
    stayed from 11-08-2014 to 18-08-2014

    Dhr. Oussoren

    We hebben een heerlijke vakantie gehad op Hoeve Waterschap! Gert en Christa doen erg hun best om het de gasten naar de zin te maken. We mochten de kalfjes de fles geven, koeien uit de wei halen, paard rijden op Montana en we hebben pizza's gemaakt die Gert afgebakken heeft in de oven. We kijken terug op een heerlijke vakantie!

  • 10
    stayed from 08-08-2014 to 11-08-2014

    Dhr. Tabak

    Inmiddels de 3e keer op deze boerderij over een periode van een jaar of 5. Blijft een topper, zowel qua locatie als qua gastvrijheid. Ivm verhuizing kwamen we redelijk gestressed aan op de boerderij. Binnen 5 minuten had Christa ons in vakantiemodus....! Pizza avond op de boerderij was ook weer een feest!

  • 10
    stayed from 21-07-2014 to 25-07-2014

    Mevr. Vermeulen

    Heel leuke vakantie gehad. De kinderen hebben zich super geamuseerd en hebben ook kunnen meehelpen op de boerderij. De pizza avond, de ponyrit, de verhuur van kano's, de informatie van Crista, ... zeker voor herhaling vatbaar !

  • 10
    stayed from 01-08-2014 to 08-08-2014

    Mevr. Lodewijk

    Genoten van de gastvrijheid, het buitenleven en de natuur. Een aanrader!

  • 10
    stayed from 28-07-2014 to 01-08-2014

    Mevr. Dijkdrent

    Geweldige vakantie gehad, onze 3 kinderen hebben zich geen moment verveeld. Zeer gastvrij echtpaar!

  • 10
    stayed from 01-08-2014 to 04-08-2014

    Mevr. Boogers

    Beter Boeren Bed in Echterenbrug is een absolute aanrader. Christa en Gert vinden, naast hun werkzaamheden op de boerderij, voldoende tijd om een praatje te maken en informatie te geven. De plek is ideaal met koeien, kalveren, vrij los lopende konijnen, zelf eieren rapen in de ochtend en door het weiland lopen naar het kanaal om te zwemmen of te kanoën. De Hot Tub is luxe aanrader evenals de trek met Stef. Zelf de kachel opstoken voor warmte of koken is in het begin een uitdaging maar wordt snel routine. De omgeving biedt veel voor wandelen, fietsen, zeilen en genieten.

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